Canna Mono Trace Mix 1L

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Potassium 1L

  • 0.06% Fe (DTPA&EDDHA), 0.07% Mo, 0.06% Cu, 0.6% Mn, 0.3 B and 0.3% Zn
  • You can optimally improve the quality and the quantity of the blooming top by using CANNA Potassium
  • This organic product makes the cell wall stronger and in addition increases the resistance
  • CANNA Organo Potassium improves the bloom, the production of proteins and carbohydrates
  • Also, it improves the water management and the transport of water and nutrients in the plant
  • This fertiliser should not be mixed with magnesium and fertilisers containing calcium
  • As a supplementary nutrient it can serve to stimulate the blooming phase


  • These liquid minerals are easily soluble and can therefore be directly absorbed by the plant
  • CANNA's pure mono nutrients are produced from exceptional ingredients
  • All of CANNA's mononutrients are 100% nutrient compatible
  • The complete set of CANNA Mononutrients allows you to create your own nutirients mix
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