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Advanced Nutrients - Tarantula

  • Your plant's roots are the key to your yield size and potency, that’s what the research shows.
  • Yet the first thing you notice about most hydroponics roots zones is they are biologically sterile. Nothing other than roots is alive in them.
  • When you focus on your roots, you might notice that they’re bare and spindly-looking. But healthy roots actually look healthy, not like most roots you’ll see. They’re “muscular,” intensely-branched, thickened, and robustly alive.
  • You don’t see that kind of roots very often in hydroponics gardens unless you’ve imported beneficial microbes into your root zone.
  • But how do you do that?
  • Decompose organic matter to create extra nutrition for your plants
  • Maximize plant growth rates and yields
  • Maximize nutrient uptake and solubility of minerals
  • Enhance availability of phosphorous and improves conversion of atmospheric nitrogento plant-available nitrogen
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Brand Advanced Nutrients