About Us

Why are we here?

In 2011, after visiting several Grow Shops, we felt that our needs were not being met. Too often we were directed towards a limited selection of products that the stores happened to have in stock, or set-ups that were not in our best interests. We felt that we were being pushed towards stuff the stores were trying to get rid of.

Because of this, we started Hyjo to fill a gap in the market, by supplying customers with the products that they specifically require. This approach has allowed Hyjo to grow over the last several years with many happy repeat customers.

Why pick us?

At Hyjo we have our client’s best interests at heart. Our goal is not just to satisfy your requirements but to also identify potential problems you may have further down the road. We do this by having a pro-active approach to the needs of each individual and identify potential issues before they happen, because there is nothing worse than having to react to a problem halfway through a grow cycle.

We are here to help and recommend the best course of action so that you can get the best results based upon your circumstances. The products that we recommend to you are not just words coming from the manufacturer but also from clients (such as yourself) who have tried the products and given us their honest feedback.

Our aim at Hyjo is to have you as a very satisfied client, happy in the knowledge that you were given the best advice and supplied with the best products to suit your needs from one of the largest Grow Shop stockists in the U.K. at very competitive prices.