About Us

Why are we here?

In 2011, after visiting several garden centres, we felt that our needs were not being met. Too often we were directed towards a limited selection of products that the stores happened to have in stock, or set-ups that were not in our best interests. We felt that we were being pushed towards things the stores were trying to get rid of and because of this; we started Hyjo to fill a gap in the market, by supplying customers with the products that they specifically require. This approach has allowed Hyjo to grow over the ten years with many happy repeat customers.
Our Vision is to combine hydroponics, aquaponics, aeroponics and other horticulture technology to advance urban farming and support it by creating sustainable solutions which is the direction the world is moving towards.

Why pick us?

At Hyjo we have our client’s best interests at heart. Our goal is not just to satisfy our customers’ requirements but to also identify potential problems that may occur.
We are here to help and recommend the best course of action so that you can get the best results based upon your circumstances. Our products have been specially selected to offer only high quality products to our clients to ensure good results and happy customers.
Customers who visit our shops not only find the products they're looking for but also learn how the product works. A predominant priority for us is to ensure our customers obtain all necessary knowledge and leave our store highly satisfied with our customer service.
Our experts have extensive knowledge through studying each product we offer and can guide customers on the right path. We bring together experience and knowledge for any amateur or professional gardener, by having a pro-active approach to the needs of each individual and identify potential issues.
Our aim at Hyjo is to have satisfied customers, happy with our knowledge and advice provided. Furthermore, we endeavour to supply the best products to suit your needs at competitive prices.