Canna Terra Professional Plus+ Soil Mix 50L

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Brand Canna

 Canna - Terra Professional Plus+ Soil Mix - 50L

  • Canna Terra Professional Plus is a special soil formation created by Canna to be the purest possible soil mix available
  • The formulation is specifically for indoor, growing situations
  • Canna Terra professional plus is an advanced mix of Terra professional that incorporates better aeration properties and additional nutrient elements
  • Exclusive, high value organic ingredients such as peat moss and types of bark that have an antiseptic action are included in Terra Professional and Terra Professional Plus
  • These have the direct result of promoting exceptional root growth and the formation of thicker, more vigorous stems and branches, while better metabolism ensures an increased yield
  • Canna Terra Professional plus is a very versatile soil as it comes only lightly fertilized with an EC of 1.2 and because it has a complete nutrient feeding schedule available in the form of the Canna Terra range of nutrients
  • Terra professional plus is not a 100% organic soil and neither are their nutrients (although they contain some nice organic components)
More Information
Brand Canna