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Foxfarm Big Bloom

Earth Worm Casting & Bat Guano

  • Natural and organic flowering fertiliser
  • Formulated to encourage strong, extra large, multiple blooms, sweeter fruits and think seed pods
  • An environmentally friendly alternative to synthetic chemical fertilisers
  • Big Bloom is a potent, fast acting source of nutrients for both plants and soil


  • Formulated for indoor and outdoor potted plants, roses, vegetables, herbs, flowers, fruit trees, berries, flowering shrubs, fuchsias, African violets, orchids, gardenias, hibiscus, ornamental flowering trees, azaleas, rhododendrons, annuals and perennials

Earthworm castings are alive

  • A healthy earthworm culture is bursting with regenerative organics material that improves soil structure and increases fertility
  • Plants and soil both thrive on earthworm castings

What is Bat Guano?

  • Since ancient times, bat guano has been known for its powerful effect on plants
  • The fossilized guano in Foxfarm BIG BLOOM is mined under close supervision to protect bats and their environment
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