Green Planet Root Builder 1L

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Green Planet - Root Builder

  •  Root Builderhas an array of beneficial micro- organisms, to be used as a microbial soil modification, improving transfer of organic and inorganic fertilizers into plant-available forms and increasing your microbial biomass whilst reducing diseases within your hydro systems
  • This product by Green Planet Nutrients had a staggering 10 years work into the research and manufacture of Root Builder
  • Root Builder Aids in the building of soil structure, retention of soil moisture and treatment of soil salinity problems
  • Diluted product may be applied directly to the soil as a pre-plant or post-plant treatment
  • Soil usage should be made on moistened soil and watered in when possible
  • Outstanding as a starter or co-mix for compost teas
  • Product should not be used in re-circulating hydroponic systems due to the fact of exclusive growth in your reservoir
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Brand Green Planet