SMSCOM Twin Fan Controller PRO 14A

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SMSCOM Twin Fan Controller PRO 14A

  • Controls both Inlet fan and outlet fan
  • Samples Air Temperature
  • Samples Humidity
  • Dynamic temperature control
  • Automatically calculates best fan speed to achieve target temperature
  • Prevents fan ramping up & down unnnecessarily which keeps fan quiet and efficient
  • Simple Plug & Play with no wiring necessary
  • Max Load 14 Amps

The Twin Controller PRO gives you the same features as the original Twin controller but has added software that will control humidity during the lights off cycle. The Twin controller PRO will sense when the lights in the room switch off and automatically switch to another programme that will periodically increase fan speeds to regulate humidity during the dark cycle. When the lights come back on, The Twin controller PRO switches back to the main programme.

Working out which controller:

The Max load is the load of both in-take and out-take fans combined. Choose your fans from the list and add up the current ratings in AMPS

Acoustic Box Fans Amperes (Amps)
1000m3hr 1.1
1500m3hr 1.6
2500m3hr 2.5
3250m3hr 5.5
4250m3hr 6.0
RVK inline fans Amperes (Amps)
100 0.2
125 0.2
125L 0.3
150 0.3
150L 0.5
200 0.5
200L 0.7
250 0.5
250L 0.7
315 0.9
RAM inline fans  
100 0.4
125 0.4
150 0.5
200 0.8
250 0.8
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