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Hybrid Controller PRO 4 Amp
Hybrid Controller PRO 8 Amp
Hybrid Controller PRO 16 Amp

Completely Silent Fan Speed Operation

  • Zero humming from extractors
  • Highly accurate temperature control
  • Automatic and Manual settings
  • Easy to operate
  • 5 meter NTC Temperature Sensor
  • 5 Step fan speed control
  • PRO version includes night-time humidity function.

What it Does:
The Hybrid Controller uses software controlled temperature sensing technology combined with a mechanical system for controlling fan speed. It is designed to maintain a constant temperature inside your room whilst keeping airflow under control at all times. It is the ideal solution for those looking for the quietist running extractor fans as it creates No Buzzing or Humming from any type of extractor GUARANTEED!!!! 

How it works:
Once you have set your desired temperature level and minimum fan speed(for 4,8,16A Series only), the Hybrid Controller will automatically create the perfect climate by automatically adjusting the fans speed over a series of up to 5 steps. Negative air pressure is ensured through the perfect synchronisation of both fans.
The Hybrid Controller is plug and play, so no wiring is needed. Just plug in your fans, set the desired temperature and minimum fan speed, and the Hybrid Controller will take care of the rest.

PRO Series:

Has added software that will control humidity during the lights off cycle. The PRO will sense when the lights in the room switch off and automatically switch to another programme that will periodically increase fan speeds to regulate humidity during the dark cycle. When the lights come back on, The PRO switches back to the main programme

Setting the Hybrid Controller:
Automatic Setting
It will automatically choose between 5 different speed settings to maintain your set temperature.

  1. Position the controller in a convenient location and put the Temperature Sensor in the centre of the growing area. Avoid putting the Temperature Sensor somewhere where it will take a false temperature reading like in direct sunlight or in the cool incoming air from the ventilation system.
  2. Connect the input fan to the left side and the output fan to the right side of the controller.
  3. Plug the controller into an electrical socket and switch on.
  4. Set the desired temperature using dial 1.
  5. Set the minimum fan speed** using dial 2

Will automatically adjust the fans speed between speed 1 and 5
Manual Setting for the 4, 8 and 16 Amp
Adjust the fans speed manually between speeds 1-5.

  1. Set dial 1 to its highest setting (45 degrees).
  2. Using dial 2, you can now adjust the speed manually between speeds 1 – 5.  Manual setting can only be used if the ambient temperature of the room is 45 degrees C or below.

In Operation:
The Hybrid Controller uses a heavy duty relay to regulate the power as the controller switches between the different speeds. You will hear a small ‘click’ as the relay switches between speeds. The heavy duty relay ensures the controller is robust and reliable in operation at all times.
When you set the minimum fan speed on a Hybrid Controller in the automatic mode, you are setting the range the controller can operate between. You are not turning the fans to that speed immediately For example, if set at speed 1, the controller will automatically adjust the fans speed anywhere between speed 1 and 5 to keep the temperature constant.  If set at speed 2, the controller will operate anywhere between speed 2 and 5 and so on… We recommend setting the minimum fan speed to the lowest setting, position 1, as this gives the greatest range of operation for the controller.

Max Load:

  • 2A or 450W
  • 4A or 900W
  • 8A or 1800W
  • 16A or 3600W

**Total maximum wattage that can be taken from the whole devise. Either split between or from a single socket.

Working Out Which Controller:
The Max load is the load of both in-take and out-take fans combined. Choose your fans from the list and add up the current ratings in AMPS

Acoustic Box Fans Amperes (Amps)
1000m3hr 1.1
1500m3hr 1.6
2500m3hr 2.5
3250m3hr 5.5
4250m3hr 6.0
RVK inline fans Amperes (Amps)
100 0.2
125 0.2
125L 0.3
150 0.3
150L 0.5
200 0.5
200L 0.7
250 0.5
250L 0.7
315 0.9
RAM inline fans  
100 0.4
125 0.4
150 0.5
200 0.8
250 0.8
Max Pro 200 0.6
EL250 1.0
EL315 3.2

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