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Canna Cure

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Canna Cure Description

Founded in the early ‘90s, CANNA has carved out a devoted customer base for its high-quality nutrients and growing mediums. Voted the No.1 brand in plant technologies, CANNA’s award-winning, scientifically tested products serve growers across 5 continents.

Canna Cure is a specialized leaf nutrient that controls and prevents both mildew and plant pests. The formula is free of toxins and environmentally friendly. Canna Cure complements any grow with more robust plants, greater flowers and increased yields.

What Canna Cure Does

Canna Cure works to eliminate and prevent bug infestations whilst strengthening plant defences. The strengthened defences of the plant can also trigger lead growth. Plants will look healthy and vibrant with bolstered defences.  

How Canna Cure Works

Canna Cure works to create a second skin on the plant's surface. The added layer improves both vigour and colour whilst ensuring the plants still breathe. This can enable the highest photosynthesis whilst keeping the plants clean, healthy and shiny. Plants can be left to flower without any health issues. If pests come along, they will stick to the skin layer and be unable to damage leaves, overtime they will be starved to death.

How To Use Canna Cure

Canna Cure requires application on both sides of leaves. It should be used once a week as a preventative to keep pests at bay. If dealing with an infestation, be it mildew, spider mites, mealy bugs, whitefly it should be used every three days and repeated till the infestation has cleared for another three days. Once infestation has gone return to the normal weekly usage. Canna Cure is appropriate to use from the start of growth until harvest.

Canna Cure Key Features

  • All-in-one foliar feed, comprehensive pesticide and mildewcide
  • Environmentally friendly plant pest controller
  • Stimulates growth as a leaves nutrient
  • Bigger flowers and increased yields

Canna Cure Dosage

  • For concentrate: 330ml/L

Canna Cure Available Sizes

  • 750ml foliar spray
  • 1L concentrate
  • 5L concentrate

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