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BioBizz CalMag

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BioBizz Cal Mag Description

BioBizz started as a small family business in The Netherlands in 1992. They have gone on to become an industry leader in organic fertilisers with their ever-growing business reaching some 70 countries.

BioBizz Cal Mag is a 100% organic formula designed to address Calcium and Magnesium deficiencies or those seeking an extra boost. These two elements are essential for plant blooming and growth.

What BioBizz Cal Mag Does

BioBizz Cal Mag ensures a potent source of both Calcium and Magnesium in an ideal ratio. This can be an effective additive to a nutrient schedule as well as a tonic to address deficiency.  

How BioBizz Cal Mag Works

The two tent pole elements of Bio Bizz Cal Mag work vital plant processes. Calcium strengthens cell walls and build immunity to fungal infection. Magnesium is essential for chlorophyll and its production. When either of these elements are lacking it is usually tragic for a plant. This fully organic product gives plant considerably more energy and greater resilience to sickness.

How to Use BioBizz Cal Mag

To use BioBizz Calmag, add it to the feed water in the appropriate dosage per litre of water as recommended. Suitable for use with hard, soft and reverse osmosis water.

BioBizz Cal Mag Key Features

  • Can be used to correct or prevent deficiencies
  • More magnesium leads to more chlorophyll and energy
  • More calcium leads to stronger cell walls and more resilience
  • Ensures strong growth with no delays
  • Can be used on all growing mediums and in hydroponic systems
  • 100% certified organic and top quality
  • Highly concentrated. 

BioBizz Cal Mag Dosage

  • For deficiency prevention in Hydro or Coco: 0.5-1ml/L
  • For deficiency prevention in Soil: 0.3-0.8ml/L
  • For deficiency correction in Hydro or Coco: 0.5-1.4ml/L
  • For deficiency correction in Soil: 0.3-1.2ml/L

BioBizz Cal Mag Available Sizes

  • 250ml
  • 500ml
  • 1L
  • 5L
  • 10L


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