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Mills Vitalize

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Mills Vitalize Description

Mills is a world-renowned brand producing only the highest quality plant nutrients. They have earned a reputation for innovation and high-calibre, reliable products.

Mills Vitalize is a premium specially designed formula that raises plant's stress resistance while improving their overall health. Making a noticeable difference in just a matter of days, this product can accelerate growth and bring denser, larger harvests.

What Mills Vitalize Does

Mills Vitalize provides a soluble form of silicon that is ideal for strengthening plants. Acquired over years of trials and research, this silicon content toughens plants considerably meaning they can hold more fruits and generally grow bigger and tougher.

How Mills Vitalize Works

Mills Vitalize works through a combination of vital ingredients. Micronutrients and minerals such as zinc, boron, silicon and molybdenum work as powerful plant accelerants. It also works a number of vital processes, it increases BRIX levels makes for better aromas and flavours, recovers plants from transplant stress and stimulates beneficial microorganisms in the soil.

How To Use Mills Vitalize

Suitable for all systems and mediums. Can be used throughout the whole growth cycle. Can be used both in the roots and as a foliar spray. Use Mills Vitalize in the vegetative phase as well as the bloom phase.

Mills Vitalize Key Features

  • Breakthrough product
  • NPK value 0-0-0.8
  • Easy to use
  • High quality and unique
  • Improves nutrient absorption
  • Silic acid is better absorbed than other products
  • Boosts flowering
  • Highly concentrated

Mills Vitalize Dosage

  • 2ml/L weeks 1-6
  • 1ml/L weeks 8 and 9

Mills Vitalize Available Sizes

  • 500ml
  • 1L
  • 5L
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