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BioBizz Root Juice

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BioBizz Root Juice Description

BioBizz started as a small family business in The Netherlands in 1992. They have gone on to become an industry leader in organic fertilisers with their ever-growing business reaching some 70 countries.

BioBizz Root Juice is a 100% organic root stimulator providing the highest performance for the root zone. Its colonization of beneficial bacteria in the root zone increase nutrient uptake.

What BioBizz Root Juice Does

BioBizz Root Juice not only bolsters nutrient uptake but invigorates overall plant health protecting them from pests and diseases. It is ideal to use in both vegetative and blooming stages. Its soluble and chemical free form means it is easily absorbed by plants. Root Juice can bring high quality crops and huge harvest yields.

How BioBizz Root Juice Works

BioBizz Root Juice is an entirely organic formula that is based in humic acids and seaweed extract. Its primary function is stimulating the microbial activity in the root zone. This works to spur nutrient uptake and strengthen plants against pathogens. The additive develops plant vigor across their lifecycle whilst building their immune systems.

How to Use BioBizz Root Juice

BioBizz Root Juice can be added to soil, coco mixes and peat as well as being a trusted root strengthener is aeroponic and hydroponic systems. Apply at the appropriate dosage per litre of water as recommended.

BioBizz Root Juice Key Features

  • Stimulates rapid root growth and branching
  • NPK value 0.1-0.1-0.1
  • 100% organic root stimulator
  • Accelerates and increases nutrient uptake
  • Enhances plants' immune systems against pests, diseases and stress
  • Stimulates beneficial micro-organic life around root zone
  • Accelerates plants' growth
  • Suitable for all substrates and systems
  • Highly concentrated
  • Get bigger harvests with a strong root system

BioBizz Root Juice Dosage

  • 1-4ml/L

BioBizz Root Juice Available Sizes

  • 250ml
  • 500ml
  • 1L
  • 5L
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