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Atami Bloombastic

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Atami Bloombastic Description

Atami is a leading, renowned brand in liquid plant nutrition. Atami’s refined, excellent products are bestsellers the world over. Atami Bloombastic is a superlative award-winning nutrient that can enhance taste, harden and stimulate your crop. Applicable to any growing system or substrate, Atami Bloombastic promises to boost your bloom bringing out immense aroma, size and oil production.

What Atami Bloombastic Does

Atami Bloombastic contains a potent 50% more phosphorous and potassium than any other nutrient on the market. This also means that no sodium or chlorine have been used. It stimulates the plant enzymatically improving its recovery and reducing any stress. This powerful cocktail of bio-stimulators and bio-minerals also increases the sugar content of the plant. Bloombastic can replace other products thanks to its numerous boosting benefits.  

How Atami Bloombastic Works

Working its formidable magic, Atami Bloombastic can enhance crop quality and increase yields. Its formula assures the plants stay healthy whilst aiding their development in fruiting and flowering. Most significantly, Atami Bloombastic is spurring on the enzyme process that staves off disease and deficiencies brought on by intense heat or light.

How To Use Atami Bloombastic

Suitable for all irrigation and substrate systems, Atami Bloombastic should be applied in the last month to six weeks of flowering alongside basic nutrients. Flowering can be stimulated by using Bloombastic alongside the B’cuzz Bloom Stimulator. Be attentive to the EC value of your nutrient. Over-fertilising can occur if used alongside another PK nutrient, this is unnecessary and to be avoided.

Atami Bloombastic Key Features

  • Promises explosive flowers and fruits
  • Provides outstanding taste and aroma
  • Can be used alongside any brand of base nutrient
  • Perfect the last 4 weeks of blooming
  • Compatible in soil, coco and hydroponics

Atami Bloombastic Dosage

  • First 2 weeks of the last 4 weeks = 0.5ml/L
  • Final 2 weeks of the last 4 weeks = 1ml/L

Atami Bloombastic Available Sizes

  • 100ml
  • 325ml
  • 1250ml
  • 5.5L
What is Atami Bloombastic?
Atami Bloombastic is a premium bloom booster designed to enhance flowering and fruiting in plants. It's a potent blend of bio-minerals and bio-stimulators, enriched with high-quality additives to promote robust blooming and increase yield.
What is Atami Bloombastic used for?
Atami Bloombastic is used to stimulate flowering, improve flower quality, and increase the yield of plants. It enhances essential oil production, leading to more aromatic and flavorful flowers or fruits, making it ideal for a variety of flowering and fruiting plants.
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