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Canna - Cure

  • All in one foliar feed, comprehensive pesticide and mildewcide
  • Environmentally friendly plant pests controller
  • Stimulates growth as a leaves nutrient
  • Bigger flower and increased yields

Controls Plant Pests:

  • White Fly
  • Aphids
  • Spidermite
  • Mealybug

Available in: Ready to use 750ml sprayer and 1L concentrate which will mix up 3L when diluted with water (refills sprayer 4 times)

Hints & Tips:

  • If you have a heavy infestation, repeat spraying after 3 days and again if necessary after a further 3 days. Then weekly afterwards. Apply upper and lower leaf surface
Hydroponics Soil Coco Foliar Feed Organic
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More Information
Brand Canna
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