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BioBizz All Mix Soil Description

BioBizz started as a small family business in The Netherlands in 1992. They have gone on to become an industry leader in organic fertilisers with their ever-growing business reaching some 70 countries. BioBizz All Mix Soil is a professional pre-fertilised soil and bestselling product. For those seeking organic products for their cultivation, BioBizz All Mix soil is renowned for its quality and popularity.

How BioBizz All Mix Soil Works

As a substantially pre-fertilized substrate mixture, BioBizz All Mix does everything you want your soil mix to do. It emulates an outdoor, rich soil mix with an active micro-ecosystem. This mix is specially designed to have enough nutrients to maintain vigorous growth for a fortnight with no added fertiliser needed. This mix is usable all year round.

BioBizz All Mix Soil Key Features

  • Organic
  • Self-regulates pH levels
  • Sustains lush growth alone for 2 weeks
  • No magnesium or sulphates
  • Strong Electrical Conductivity value
  • Contains potent additive pre-mix

How To Use And What BioBizz All Mix Soil Is Used For

The All Mix should be moistened with water and then left to stand for 36 hours when used for the first time. This way the substrate’s microorganisms and pre-mix can be given time to activate before the plant is placed. 

This soil mix needs to be kept warm consistently. If left to cool down, the plant growth can lessen as the microbial activity will have slowed. Be sure to let the soil dry between watering periods. Aeration is aided by the soil’s dry spells. For best results use across the veg growth and flowering in conjunction with BioBizz Nutrients. 

BioBizz All Mix Soil is used primarily for potting established plants. This heavily fertilized substrate is designed to emulate outdoor soil, this mix may be too rich for plants in development and seedlings.  

BioBizz All Mix Soil Composition

  • 20% sphagnum peat moss
  • 35% garden peat
  • 10% worm-humus
  • 30% perlite
  • 5% pre-mix

BioBizz All Mix Soil Specification

BioBizz All Mix Soil has an EC of 2.2 and a pH of 6.2. The NPK ratio of this soil mix is 4-8-6. This substrate is 100% organic and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor plant growth. BioBizz All Mix soil is heavily fertilised to stimulate plant growth. BioBizz All Mix Soil is available in two sizes 20L and 50L.