Canna AkTRIvator powder 10g

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  • CANNA AkTRivator is a natural and organic product that protects your plants against soil diseases
  • AkTRivator stimulates the growth of roots and root hairs as well
  • It's suitable for young and older plants
  • AkTRIvator can be used with all growing systems that include soil or coco
  • It consists of clay and beneficial fungi, called Trichoderma
  • AkTRIvator stimulates the plants and increases the root environment, what results in a better root development, more root hairs and increased excretion of enzymes and hormones
  • AkTRIVator must be mixed with soil and provide for a strong and balanced growth of the mould
  • CANNA AkTRIvator suppresses micro-organisms and therefore has a positive effect on the balance between soil organisms
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More Information
Brand Canna