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Flairform Pythoff

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Flairform Pythoff Description

Flairform Pythoff helps prevent root browning and plumbing blockages and is a full-spectrum sterilising agent. It eliminates the food sources that attract fungus, gnats and other pests. Its formula is able to easily dissolve into the nutrient solution and can stay active for longer than many competitive products.

What Flairform Pythoff Is Used For

Flairform Pythoff sterilizes the hydroponic system whilst managing to treat and prevent root rot. It is able to sterilise all surfaces including drip lines, pumps, tanks and media. This is a particularly potent product for treating and preventing Pythium.

How Flairform Pythoff Works

Flairform Pythoff can kill parasitic organisms, diseases and fungi that lead to root rot. A regular use of Pythoff will stave off root rot from entering your system. It can also take care of your plants in a system that has a root rot infection. When used as directed Flairform Pythoff can sterilise all surfaces that it comes into contact with, a powerful sterilising agent for hydroponic systems.

How To Use Flairform Pythoff

While Flairform Pythoff is designed for use in hydroponic systems it is not suitable for soil-mix, wood-chip or coco-peat substrates. Doing so will kill beneficial microbes within them. Flairform Pythoff should be applied at a dosage of 0.2ml/L. Apply to the reservoir slowly over 30 seconds while stirring the nutrient solution. The pump requires running immediately for 15 minutes to sterilise the system. If using organic additives, use Pythoff 20 minutes before adding them to the reservoir. The system requires re-dosing every 7 days. If treating an ongoing infection, stop all organic additives and use Flairform Pythoff every day until the infection has cleared.

Flairform Pythoff Key Features

  • Treats root rot if used in the early stages of the disease
  • Prevents root rot from infecting your system
  • Sterilises your hydroponic system and nutrient solution
  • Remains active for a long time in solution
  • One of the best root-rot treatments/preventatives available

Available in 2 sizes:

  • 250ml
  • 1L 
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