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Hydrotops Root Stimulator

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Hydrotops Root Stimulator Description

Hydrotops is a tried and trusted brand famed for its high-performing bio-organic nutrients. Hydrotops was one of the very first companies to create products specially designed for cuttings and young plants.

Hydrotops Root Stimulator sets the foundations for a top-quality harvest. The high-quality blend contains everything that roots need to establish a dense network of strong, healthy roots with increased branching.

What Hydrotops Root Stimulator Does

Hydrotops Root Stimulator works with an organic complex of potent ingredients to achieve a stronger developed root base. This includes vitamins, co-enzymes, bio-enhancers, silicon and fractions of humic and fulvic acids.

How Hydrotops Root Stimulator Works

Hydrotops Root Stimulator offers the ideal balance of stimulants and hormones to encourage root growth. It achieves this by stimulating essential processes within the roots. When roots are performing at their optimal final yields are greater. A better-developed root mass means a better-performing plant with greater oxygen, water and nutrient uptake. Resulting from this will be plants with greater resistance to disease and stress.

How To Use Hydrotops Root Stimulator

Add to your nutrient solution.

Hydrotops Root Stimulator Key Features

  • Strong, natural bio-stimulator
  • Improves plants' immune systems and their resistance to stress
  • A healthy root system is essential for a strong harvest
  • No PGRs
  • Stimulates essential biological processes within the roots
  • Combines plant-extracted bio-enhancers, vitamins, co-enzymes, silicon, and fractions of fulvic/humic acids
  • Easily taken up by plants and has a rapid effect
  • Supplies energy and organic stimulants to set great foundations
  • Use with Hydroptops Bactivator for optimal results
  • Easy to use

Hydrotops Root Stimulator Dosage

  • Use between 1ml-10ml/L

Hydrotops Root Stimulator Available Sizes

  • 1L
  • 5L
  • 25L
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