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Hydrotops Top Heavy Crop

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Hydrotops Top Heavy Crop 125ml
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Hydrotops Top Heavy Crop Description

Hydrotops is a tried and trusted brand famed for its high-performing bio-organic nutrients. Hydrotops were one of the very first companies to create products specially designed for cuttings and young plants.

Hydrotops Top Heavy Crop is a powerful formula designed to give you a bushier plant and an overall higher yield. This a 100% organic product with increased BRIX content.

What Hydrotops Top Heavy Crop Does

Hydrotops Top Heavy Crop works to maximise flowering sites and bring denser growth without stretching the plants during the flower. This product allows plants to maximise their space while producing higher quality and denser fruits and flowers.

How Hydrotops Top Heavy Crop Works

Hydrotops Top Heavy Crop enhances the physiological function in plants and brings the best possible cellular division. It stimulates carbohydrate metabolism and protein mechanisms to stimulate growth rates. Hydrotops Top Heavy Crop allows maximum light penetration and shorter intermodal lengths for the densest growth possible.

How To Use Hydrotops Top Heavy Crop

Hydrotops Top Heavy Crop is best used during the final two weeks of vegetative growth and the opening 2 weeks of flowering. Each pack is supplied with a vial of microbes, a measuring spoon and a bottle of catalyst. Add the required amount of microbes to a jug of water followed by the catalyst solution, stir thoroughly then add this to your nutrient solution.

Hydrotops Top Heavy Crop Key Features

  • Get fruits with a richer aroma and taste
  • 100% organic microbial approach to yield increase
  • Contains no harmful PGRs
  • Can be used in all substrates and systems
  • Optimises cellular division and physiological function in your plants
  • Ensures good product density
  • Stimulates protein mechanisms and carbohydrate metabolism
  • Get a shorter vegetative growth period without loss of yield
  • Increase fruit density and quality
  • Increases flowering site production for more yield

Hydrotops Top Heavy Crop Available Sizes

  • 125ml
  • 500ml
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