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Dimlux Extreme Series 600w

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Dimlux Extreme Series 600 Watt
Osram Plantastar 600w 400v HPS
Dimlux - Alpha Optics Add-on Reflector - Short Side (2 Pieces)
Dimlux - Alpha Optics Add-on Reflector - Long Side (Overlapping) (2 Pieces)

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Dimlux Extreme Series 600w Description

Dimlux Extreme Series 600w is a high-end digital ballast designed for powering 600w 40v lamps at a range of different outputs. It has an attractive gold finish design housing a solid quality build. Compatible with the Dimlux Maxi Controller, this ballast can entirely change your grow game.  

Why use Dimlux Extreme Series 600w

Dimlux Extreme Series 600w has the broadest dimming range of all digital ballasts available on the market. This digital ballast is able to produce more lumen output while consuming less electricity and does not degrade with age like coil and core type ballasts. Dimlux Extreme Series 600w can convert mains electricity to the correct voltage to start up 600w HPS and MH lamps. It uses microprocessor technology to monitor and control digital power output.

Alpha Optics 98 reflector (Included) - Passively Cooled

  • Designed according to the Single Bounce Clear Sight (SBCS) principle and is equipped with Miro Silver Mirrors
  • High level of efficiency (98%)
  • Thanks to do the open reflector design. the lamp is passively cooled, which improves both the service life and efficiency of the lamp
  • Warm air can actively be extracted through a 50mm connection on the reflector which reduces the room temperature significantly
  • In addition, available seperately add-on reflectors can be installed to further reduce wall losses

Alpha Optics 98 NanoTube reflector (Available seperately) - Air Cooled

  • This includes same features as the Alpha Optics 98 but with the additional NanoTube
  • The tube is made from ultra clear, nano-coated anti-reflective glass
  • This offers the highest possible light transmission of 99%
  • The overal efficiency of the reflector in combination with the NanoTube is 97%
  • This is even higher than any other non-cooled horticultural reflectors
  • Because the air supply and discharge are connected in parralel rather than in series as is the case with conventional air cooled reflectors, each lamp will burn at the optimum temperature rather than too cold or to hot
  • Because of the closed cooling system, NanoTubes used in conjunction with Co2 systems are significantly reducing the room temperature

Dimlux Extreme Series 600w Key Features

  • Can be variably dimmed via the Maxi Controller
  • Extensive diagnostic LEDs
  • EOL function (indication to replace lamps)
  • Safety features for preventing short circuits, open contact, high temperatures, too low voltage, too high voltage
  • Drives lamps at multiple wattages
  • Allows you to mount ballasts outside the room, reducing heat
  • Stylish design combined with rock solid build quality
  • No buzzing sounds!
  • Maxi Controller compatible
  • Yield-boosting overdrive facility
  • More efficient than typical core and coil ballasts
  • Hard-wired power cable

Dimlux Extreme Series 600w Specifications

  • 1,341μmol/s

8 Dimming levels:

  • 320w
  • 390w
  • 460w
  • 530w
  • 600w
  • 645w
  • 690w
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