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Rhino Pro Carbon Filter

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ImageProduct Name Qty
Rhino Pro 100/300 350m3/hr Carbon Filter
Rhino Pro 125/300 500m3/hr Carbon Filter
Rhino Pro 150/300 600m3/hr Carbon Filter
Rhino Pro 150/600 900m3/hr Carbon Filter
Rhino Pro 200/400 800m3/hr Carbon Filter
Rhino Pro 200/600 1125m3/hr Carbon Filter
Rhino Pro 250/600 1420m3/hr Carbon Filter
Rhino Pro 250/1000 1900m3/hr Carbon Filter
Rhino Pro 315/600 2440m3/hr Carbon Filter
Rhino Pro 315/1000 3250m3/hr Carbon Filter
Rhino Pro 315/1200 3600m3/hr Carbon Filter

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Large Item!
The Rhino Pro 250/1000 1900m3/hr, 315/1000 3250m3/hr and 315/1200 3600m3/hr are large items. Due to their size, they can only be delivered on a pallet. A flat £80 pallet delivery charge will be applied to any order containing this product and will be displayed at checkout.

Rhino Pro Carbon Filter Description

The Rhino brand has been an industry leader in air filters for over 20 years. Its core component of the highest quality carbon has become a fixture in innumerable ventilation systems the world over. The Rhino Pro Carbon filter is an airflow cylinder of the highest efficiency. Contained within its lightweight aluminium casing is world-leading quality carbon assuring that odours and unwanted particles from an indoor grow area will be dealt with.  This machine-packed carbon product is built to last and will provide optimal and even airflow for 2 whole years.

How Rhino Pro Carbon Filters Work

The Rhino Carbon air filter is packed with a 50mm bed of virgin Australian carbon. That’s RC4-1, the best virgin carbon in the world. Inside the filter, the coned base and its custom pore mesh surface mean it has a 51% open area for an optimum transference. As it is packed with virgin carbon this means odour molecules can be captured and eliminated.

How To Use Rhino Pro Carbon Filters

You must choose a filter that matches the air flow rate and diameter of your fan. Once the plastic wrap is removed fit the dust filter sleeve around the outside. This will aid the filter’s life span and collect larger particles. The duct coupler will be screwed on the wrong way in its packaging, to reduce shipping costs, so it needs amending. Screws must be removed and replaced appropriately so the duct-coupler seals correctly. Be sure not to over tighten.

Use the duct clips and ducting to mount and connect your Rhino Pro Carbon filter to your extractor fan. It should be airtight for maximum efficiency.

Rhino Pro Carbon Filter Key Features

  • Highest quality
  • Removes contaminant particles and odours from your grow areas
  • Unique 'anti air bypass' system
  • 2 years or more lifespan
  • 50mm world leading virgin carbon bed
  • Open area custom mesh for greater airflow
  • Highly effective
  • Robust, lightweight aluminium casing

Rhino Pro Carbon Filter Specifications, Dimensions & Air Flows

  • 100/300mm - 350m³/hr
  • 125/300mm - 500m³/hr
  • 150/300mm - 600m³/hr
  • 150/600mm - 900m³/hr
  • 200/400mm - 800m³/hr
  • 200/600mm - 1125m³/hr
  • 250/600mm - 1420m³/hr
  • 250/1000mm - 1900m³/hr
  • 315/600mm - 2440m³/hr
  • 315/1000mm - 3250m³/hr
  • 315/1200mm - 3600m³/hr


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