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Can Fan

Can Lite Carbon Filter

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ImageProduct Name Qty
Can-Lite 250/500 10" 1000m³/hr
Can-Lite 250/750 10" 1500m³/hr
Can-Lite 250/1000 10" 2500m³/hr
Can-Lite 250/1000 10" 3500m³/hr
Can-Lite 315/1000 12" 3500m³/hr
Special Price £280.00 Regular Price £299.00
Can-Lite 315/1000 12" 4500m³/hr
Special Price £320.00 Regular Price £350.00
Can-Lite 355/1000 14” 4500m³/hr

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The Can-Lite 250/1000 10" 2500m3/hr, 250/1000 10" 3500m3/hr, 315/1000 12" 3500m3/hr, 315/1000 12" 4500m3/hr and 355/1000 14" 4500m3/hr are large items. Due to their size, they can only be delivered on a pallet. A flat £80 pallet delivery charge will be applied to any order containing this product and will be displayed at checkout.

Can Lite Carbon Filter Description

Can-Lite Carbon Filters are built for portability and a long lifespan. They have been specially designed to filter your grow room or greenhouse air with high airflow and unsurpassed efficiency. The Can-Lite filter includes 100% Australian granulated carbon with an aluminium top and bottom, integrated flange and 51% open perforation.

How the Can Lite Carbon Filter Works

The Can-Lite utilises a natural particle carbon. This particle carbon is blessed with a micro-pore structure; this makes for an extensive surface area. Through this tremendous surface area and the array of pores, the filter can get a vast array of particles stuck in them. This is what happens to odours passing through the filter, they get stuck on the carbon surface where they stay trapped.

How to use Can Lite Carbon Filter

First, choose a filter that matches the diameter and airflow rate of the fan you will be using. Remove the plastic wrap from the outside of the drum and then fit the dust filter sleeve over the outside. This is important to collect larger particles and prolong the filter's life. Turn the duct-coupler over and replace the screws so that the duct-coupler sits firmly against the seal. Do not over-tighten.

Mount the Can-Lite Carbon Filter and connect it to your extractor fan via ducting and duct clips. Ensure everything is airtight for maximum efficiency. Once you have chosen a place for the fan and filter, ducting can be attached from the extractor fan outlet to the outside of the grow space.

Can Lite Carbon Filter Key Features

  • Effectively absorbs and removes unwanted particles and odours
  • Lighter filters than the original can carbon filters
  • Easy to install
  • Uses high-density carbon
  • Up to 2.5 years life expectancy
  • Light and durable aluminium casing
  • High-quality, tried and tested product

Can Lite Carbon Filter Specification, Dimensions & Air Flows

  • 250/500 10" 1000m³/hr
  • 250/750 10" 1500m³/hr
  • 250/1000 10" 2500m³/hr
  • 250/1000 10" 3500m³/hr
  • 315/1000 12" 3500m³/hr
  • 315/1000 12" 4500m³/hr
  • 355/1000 14” 4500m³/hr
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