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Advanced Nutrients

Advanced Nutrients Bud Blood

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Advanced Nutrients Bud Blood Description

Founded in 1999, Advanced Nutrients have gone on to become the #1 brand in hydroponic nutrients designed to bolster, boost and flourish crops. Their range of products serve growers in over 117 countries worldwide, designed with precision technology and innovation.

This premium biostimulant delivers a traditional PK spike to jolt your plants into explosive budding, while precise nutrient ratios help minimize the risk of heavy metal contamination in your crops. Bud Blood helps to reduce excessive vegetative growth during the early flowering stage giving you greater control over the height of your plants.

What Advanced Nutrients Bud Blood Does

Advanced Nutrients Bud Blood creates the ideal conditions for your grow to maximise its bud bulk, jump start and expand the bloom phase and as a result cultivate bigger yields. Bud Blood is able to produce bulky yields without losing time from their cultivation.

How Advanced Nutrients Bud Blood Works

Advanced Nutrients Bud Blood contains scientifically refined ratios of potassium, phosphorus, sulphur among many other bloom-enhancing elements, (including kelp extracts) to produce bigger and more plentiful buds. Most remarkably, this formula forces the grow into an earlier flowering phase that as a consequence lasts longer.

How To Use Advanced Nutrients Bud Blood

Add Bud Blood to your nutrient solution during the first two weeks of flowering to quickly establish flowering sites and fuller flowers.

Advanced Nutrients Bud Blood Key Features

  • NPK value 0-39-35
  • Multiplies the number of bloom sites on your plants
  • Accelerate the flowering phase
  • Compatible with all systems and substrates
  • Suitable for use with all base nutrients and supplements. 

Advanced Nutrients Bud Blood Dosage

  • 0.5g/L

Advanced Nutrients Bud Blood Available Sizes

  • 40g
  • 500g
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