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Advanced Nutrients

Advanced Nutrients Big Bud

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Advanced Nutrients Big Bud Description

Founded in 1999, Advanced Nutrients have gone on to become the #1 brand in hydroponic nutrients designed to bolster, boost and flourish crops. Their range of products serve growers in over 117 countries worldwide, designed with precision technology and innovation.

Advanced Nutrients’ legacy bloom booster. Big Bud is not a classic flowering booster. Most blooming boosters contain potassium and phosphorus, which are necessary in high amounts during the flowering period. Big Bud also contains additional essential amino acids and vitamins. 

What Advanced Nutrients Big Bud Does

Advanced Nutrients Big Bud produces denser, heavier and larger plants with greater amounts of terpenoids, essential oils and stronger aromas. The natural ingredients in the formula accelerate fruiting and flowering fulfilling the plant's maximum blooming potential.

How Advanced Nutrients Big Bud Works

Advanced Nutrients Big Bud works differently from traditional flower boosters. The standard for flower boosters is the potassium and phosphorous content. However, Big Bud also contains essential vitamins and amino acids. Crucially, amino acids build the plant proteins which accelerate metabolism and increase flowering. The magnesium content fends off potassium toxicity and improves the aromas, flavour and texture. Ascorbic and Citric acid within the formula also improve the plant metabolism and respiration.

How To Use Advanced Nutrients Big Bud

Advanced Nutrients Big Bud should be applied with water, and never used in their concentrated form. Add to reservoir water or feed water. Use Big Bud from the 2nd week of the blooming phase up to the 3rd week before the flush. Suitable for all systems and substrates.

Advanced Nutrients Big Bud Key Features

  • Comprised of highly absorbable forms of potassium and phosphorus
  • High-quality raw materials provide optimum conditions to strengthen and bulk floral structures
  • 3:1 PK ratio maximizes bulk while minimizing the risk of heavy metal contamination
  • A combination of vitamins, organic materials, nutrients and other ingredients
  • Flowers with more essential oils and aromatics
  • Increases nutrient uptake
  • Increases cell expansion and replication for larger flowers
  • Increases creation of internal floral structures and compounds for increased aroma and taste

Advanced Nutrients Big Bud Dosage

Apply 2ml of solution per litre of water

Advanced Nutrients Big Bud Available Sizes

  • 250ml
  • 1L
  • 4L
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