OD AIR Ozone Generator

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Brand Ozonedirect

OD-AIR - Ozone Generator

  • Next Generation - Powerful - Multi Functional
  • Dual function Air / Water
  • High Output 400mg/hr of OZONE - KILLS PYTHIUM
  • Completely cleans air
  • Can be used to eliminate root rot in NFT, etc via ozone filtration
  • Simply place air stone (supplied) into reservoir to sterilize feed, works for all systems such as NFT, Wilma, Drip, DWC

The Ozone Story Have you ever noticed that fresh and clean smell after a thunderstorm? Well, that is not your imagination, it is in fact ozone! It is a scientific fact that when ozone is present, odours are not. Ozone is an active oxygen molecule which readily oxidizes bacteria and odour to break them apart. Active oxygen is created naturally in our environment by sunlight or lighting. Technology allows us to create ozone indoors with ozone generators.
   This technology is currently used in hospitals to wipe out odours and life-threatening bacteria. Companies such as Hotpoint are already using ozone in their fridges and washing machines to ensure longer lasting fruit and fresher-smelling clothes!
   Nothing is more effective at killing odours and ozone guarantees this, naturally. So don't take chances, be confident there are no smells or mildew around your grow room, with O'D-AIR!


More Information
Brand Ozonedirect
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