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Advance Nutrients - Nirvana  - 100% Organic Booster

  • Larger buds with an all-organic formula
  • Number one choice of growers seeking an organic way to maximize yield and quality
  • There's a superstar list of ingredients including alfalfa meal that enhances growth and yield in your hydroponics plants
  • Alfalfa is particularly important if you've invested money in C02 for your grow room; it gives you more rapid intake of C02, more vigorous growth, and maximum yields
  • Gives you Ascophyllum nodosum, rich compounds contain ingredients that stimulate root function, cell replication, and flower
  • Contains whey protein that has been pre-digested using enzymes instead of the acid process that most manufacturers use
  • Enzymatically-hydrolyzed whey protein ensures that flower-boosting amino acids cysteine and tryptophan are preserved in the biologically-active "L" form
  • Plants get L-aminos that stimulate floral growth and potency
  • Nirvana has also taken advatage of Chilean Soap Bark and Yucca plants, which are amazing plants that produce compounds called surfactants
  • A surfactant is a compound that reduces the "surface tension" of liquids so they and whatever they contain more easily enter your plants via roots and leaves. Yucca extract and Chilean Soap Bark extract are two all-natural surfactants that transfer nutrients into your plants
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Brand Advanced Nutrients