Atami Bi Grow 50L

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Brand Atami

Atami Bi Grow 50L Description

Atami is a leading, renowned brand in liquid plant nutrition. Atami’s refined, excellent products are bestsellers the world over. Atami Bi Grow is an organic fertilised mix that provides superior aeration and nitrogen content to your substrate.

How Atami Bi Grow 50L Works

As Atami Bi Growmix is a relatively airy substrate and exclusive of any harmful fungi it makes a highly recommended substrate for strong growing. This organic mix is particularly powerful for the early stages of development before the greater growth. Extra liquid fertilisers are to be used during the start-up phase.

Atami Bi Grow 50L Key Features

  • High-quality organic medium 
  • Light and airy
  • Nitrogen content booster
  • Can be used as a potting mix for rooted cuttings before transplanting
  • Maintenance friendly
  • Harmful fungi free

How To Use Atami Bi Grow 50L

Atami Bi Grow contains enough fertiliser for the growth stage; just add water and a root stimulator for the first 3 weeks. 

Atami Bi Grow 50L Composition

  • 40% coco fibre
  • 10% white peat
  • 50% black peat

Atami Bi Grow 50L Specifications

  •  Available 20L and 50L