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600w Digital Light Kit

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600w Digital Light Kit Description

The 600w Digital Light Kit comes with all you ask for when embarking on a hydroponic grow. Not only does this three-part kit provide the key accessories for huge yields and flowers, but it also has great value for money. The 600w Digital Light Kit is ready to plug and play and is suitable for larger growing projects looking to expand on a budget as well as first-timers.

Why Use The 600w Digital Light Kit

The 600w Digital Light Kit is easy to use and provides everything required to start or expand hydroponic growing. The Black Digita 600w Ballast provides three different intensities of light available for your choosing offering ultimate control of your lighting. The Euro Wing Reflector is lightweight but strong, made of stucco aluminium designed to be intensely reflective. The Elite Dual Spectrum 600w provides both red and blue spectrum lighting and a colour temperature of 2000K, offering economy and light intensity.   

600w Digital Light Kit Key Features

  • Customizable light intensity
  • Powerful reflector, easily hung
  • High-end HPS lighting
  • Durable, lasting products
  • Ideal for start-up and expansion

600w Digital Light Kit Specifications

Black Digita 600w Ballast

  • 600w
  • Voltage: 120v - 240v
  • Stainless Steel Black Casing

Euro Wing Reflector

  • 4m cable with IEC fitting
  • Ceramic E40 lamp holder
  • Compact size 47cm (L) x 43cm (W) x 12cm (H)

Elite Dual Spectrum 600w HPS

  • Colour temperature of 2000K
  • Emits blue & red spectrum
  • E40 light fitting

How To Use 600w Digital Light Kit

To use the 600w Digital Light Kit the reflector should be hung above the canopy using suitable hangers. Suitable gloves should be worn to fit the 600w bulb into the reflector. The reflector lead should be connected to the ballast and the ballast needs to connect to the mains outlet. Adjust according to the lighting requirements and begin your grow.  

What 600w Digital Light Kit Includes

  • EuroWing Reflector
  • Digital 600w Ballast
  • Dual Spectrum 600w HPS
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