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Advanced Nutrients - Sensi Grow A+B pH Perfect technology

  • Part A: NPK 3-0-0
  • Part B: NPK 1-2-6
  • 2 Part hydroponics nutrients for vegetative stage
  • Rapid growth, lush foliage, and sturdy structure

Contain value-added components that will enhance the performance of any type of garden, and include:

  • F-1 (fulvates)
  • H-2 (humates)
  • An amino acid complex
  • Wet Betty (non-ionic surfactant)
  • Consistently heavy yields
  • Pharmaceutical-grade precursors, reagents and chelators
  • Proteinate forms of micronutrients
  • Ensures all nutrients are available in a solubilized state
  • Insures balanced plant nutrition across a wide range of pH and temperatures

With "pH PERFECT" Technology, You'll never have to worry about ph levels again!

In short, as long as your water falls between 4.5 and 8.5 pH (which is pretty much everyone's water) - this technology adjusts your pH for you and keeps it buffered there throughout your plants growth phase!

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Brand Advanced Nutrients