Rox Flower Enhancer 1L

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Brand Hyjo

Rox Flower Enhancer - 1L

  • Rox Flower Enhancer is a Top Class nutrient supplement carefully designed to increase the quality of growth and the weight during your plant's blooming and fruiting cycles
  • Its composed of a researched blend of humates, seaweed extract, triacontanol and plant growth regulators (PGRs) that promotes plant growth and development and  improving overall health and well-being leading to dramatic increases in flower and fruit production
  • Field trials have shown average increases in yield of around 67% with some more than doubled
  • Apply 5ml per litre for soil and 3ml per litre for hydroponics
  • Used in 21st - 35th day of flowering
  • Highly recommended!
More Information
Brand Hyjo