AeroWing 6" Air cooled Reflector

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Brand Powerplant

AeroWing Reflector - 6" 150mm - with 4m IEC Cord Set

  • Use with upto 1000w MH or HPS bulb
  • Aerowing is great for all grow rooms that have an issue with heat
  • Easy to clean
  • Allows you to move closer to your plants
  • The PowerPlant AeroWing features a stronger more robust glass fixing method and upgraded glass
  • Unique air cooled design which draws air past the lamp through a 6" outlet at the rear of the lamp holder
  • Dimensions (Length,Width,Height): 60 x 54 x 22cm (33cm with hooks)
  • Dimensions - Glass with frame (Length,Width): 50 x 54cm
More Information
Brand Powerplant