Osram HPS 600W

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Brand Osram

Osram SonT Plus 600W Flowering Bulb

  • Vialox - Nav-T Model
  • Lumen output approx.- 92,000 Lumens
  • HPS
  • Osram Sodium lamps have a full spectrum with a large amount of red for good flowering and fruiting
  • It also has a high lumen output with large amounts of yellow and orange which is where you get most photosynthesis per watt; in other words this is the spectrum of your light your plant uses most efficiently to produce energy through photosynthesis
  • This accounts for the vigorous growth rates and high yields associated with high levels of sodium light
  • Always allow bulbs to cool after switching off before replacement

Please note that we recommend that you replace bulbs after 2-3 grow cycles to maintain optimal performance within your grow area

More Information
Brand Osram