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Opticlimate Pro 3

The Opticlimate is a complete climate control solution that treats the air in your grow room or tent to ensure that temperature and humidity levels are always kept within ideal ranges, even during the hottest months of summer, thanks to its built-in heating, cooling, dehumidifying and filtering system you don't need to use large extraction system. This Opticlimate unit has been hugely successful in the professional horticultural industry which is hardly surprising when you consider its advantages: the consistent environment it produces for both day and night cycles will help to produce bountiful yields, regardless of the temperature outside.

no outdoor unit

Closed loop

The ultimate grow room would inlude a closed loop design. This way you will have full control of the growing environment without any influences from the outside world. A Closed loop is exactly that. Closed. No air passes in or out of the grow room. In addition to the Opticlimate system, Co2 & Humidification is made easier to controll in a closed loop invironment. 


  • 1 x Opticlimate Pro 3 Unit
  • 1 x Controller Unit
  • 1 x Temperature Probe
  • 1 x Humidistat / Light Sensor
  • 1 x Electrical Water Valve
  • 1 x Water Leakage Sensor Wire

Properties & Functions of the Opticlimate

  • Maintains perfect climate control in summer & winter
  • Cooling, warming & dehumidifying the air circulating & filtering all in one appliance
  • Fully automatic or manual adjustment
  • Simply enter the day & night temperature, the Opticlimate does the rest for you
  • Light sensor for automatic switching between day & night programme
  • Hygrostat for setting atmospheric humidity
  • Unique air dehumidification function. Dehumidifying possible during the day, night & continuously
  • Considered the safest climate control system
  • Relatively low energy consumption
  • Easy to install
  • Built-in temperature & water leak protection
  • Automatic water control valve
  • Automatic restart (following a power cut)
  • Slow cool-down function ensures the temperature does not drop too quickly from day to night 
  • Cool at night function ensures that even during the night, the room can be cooled e.g. during the summer
  • Alarm log function. Always possible to see what alarm has taken place. This function can prevent future problems
  • SMS alarm possible. Notification in case of malfunction
  • With the aid of an external module & the internet, the system can be operated and alarmed remotely from anywhere
  • Can be placed completely out of sight
  • The ventilator can be placed in two different positions
  • Built-in ceramic heating
  • The built-in carbon filter absorbs mould spores & disturbing smells
  • Ideal for closed areas
  • Prevents the formation of condensation
  • Clear, comprehensive remote control included
  • Additional plenum box available
  • Dual room function allows two rooms to be cooled with one system with the additional 3-way valve & 10m temperature sensor
  • No external unit required with water-cooled systems
  • Water-cooled system has a bypass for using tap water or other water source
  • Can reuse the warm water from the water-cooled system for your heating or swimming pool!

Which Size Opticlimate do I need?

Opticlimate Pro 3 2000 
Dimensions: 870 x 580 x 405mm
Weight: 60kg

Opticlimate Pro 3 Split 3500
Ideal for 6 x 600w HPS grow lights or 4 x 1000w HPS grow lights
Indoor Unit: 870mm x 580mm x 405mm.
Outdoor Unit: 540mm x 450mm x 310mm
Indoor Unit: 57kg (110 lb)
Outdoor Unit: 16kg

Opticlimate Pro 3 Split 6000
Ideal for 10 x 600w HPS grow lights or 6 x 1000w HPS grow lights
Indoor Unit: 990mm x 630mm x 505mm.
Outdoor Unit: 640mm x 550mm x 320mm
Indoor Unit: 70kg (154 lb)
Outdoor Unit: 33kg

Opticlimate Pro 3 Split 10000
Ideal for 16 x 600w HPS grow lights or 10 x 1000w HPS grow lights
Indoor Unit: 990mm x 630mm x 505mm.
Outdoor Unit: 640mm x 550mm x 320mm
Indoor Unit: 120kg (264.5 lb)
Outdoor Unit:

Opticlimate Pro 3 Split 15000
Ideal for 24 x 600w HPS grow lights or 15 x 1000w HPS grow lights
Indoor Unit: 1230mm x 810mm x 545mm.
Outdoor Unit: 1080mm x 700mm x 330mm
Indoor Unit: 150kg (330.6 lb)
Outdoor Unit:

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