Maxibright CDM 315 Horizon Connect Wide-Angle Kit

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Hyjo offers this kit consisting of the MaxiBright Daylight 315 digital ballast, a Phillips Elite MW 315W bulb, and the MaxiBright Horizon connect wide angle reflector.

The Horizon Connect allows you to “Connect” the Daylight 315W ballast directly to the Horizon wide angle reflector. The Daylight 315 ballast fixes simply to the Horizon Connect by two fixing points, then plug the IEC connectors together and it’s ready to use.



  • Wider light spread
  • Even distribution of heat
  • Reduced hot spots
  • Easily connect to ballast



  • Soft start technology
  • Small & lightweight
  • End of lamp life detection
  • Dynamic frequency control
  • Short circuit protection
  • Thermal protection
  • Auto reset
  • Silent running


Philips - Master Colour Elite MW - 315W/942 V:

  • The average rated life of the Daylight bulbs are 16,000 hours with 80% light output remaining
  • The daylight lamp is optimized in a broad spectrum growth light with an increased share of blue light
    • Specifications:

Input voltage : 220 ‐ 240 Volt (line-neutral)

Input current : 1,5 Ampere at 230 Volt

Power consumption : 340 Watt

Input frequency : 50/60 Hz

Relative humidity : 25 - 90% (non‐condensing)

Reflector material : VEGA aluminium high efficiency reflector


Light source:

Luminous flux : 36,000 lumen

PPF DAYLIGHT: 550 μmol


Colour temperature DAYLIGHT: 4200K

Please note that we recommend that you replace bulbs after 2-3 grow cycles to maintain optimal performance within your grow area

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