Canna Terra Professional Soil Mix 50L

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Brand Canna

Canna - Terra Professional Soil Mix - 50L

  • For specific feeding advice please refer to the product pages of the nutrients you are using
  • If using Canna Professional plus soil we would recommend using the excellent Canna Terra Vega and Terra Flores nutrients as they are perfectly balanced for use on this soil
  • In soil growing PH should be around 6.5 as opposed to the lower levels of around 5.8<=>6.2 used in hydroponics
  • When feeding in soil always achieve 10<=>20% runoff
  • Runoff is the term for the water that comes out of the bottom of the pot in feeding
  • In soil plants are less tolerant to high nutrient levels
  • The soil comes with an EC of 1.2 which is perfect for initial planting of small plants so for the first week or two you could feed with just ph adjusted (if necessary) water
  • As time goes on the nutrients present in the soil will get used up and washed away in feeding so you then begin to compensate by adding nutrients to your water when feeding
  • Slowly increase your EC as your plants develop so that in full growth the EC is around 1.6
  • If plants are exceptionally healthy you could try a slightly higher EC but in our experience anything too close to EC 2.0 can be quite toxic for soil grown plants