Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur Bloom A&B 1L

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Advanced Nutrients - Connoisseur Bloom A+B - 1L

  • 2 part flowering nutrient
  • These small, continuous improvements at each phase of a multi-part process yield a very powerful, impressive end result
  • In the end, it worked exceptionally well to achieve a bigger, compounded, yield-in at least one documented head-to-head, consumer trial-over 40% bigger!
  •  The idea was to give you better "Building Blocks" for your plants to use to get bigger yields... more colorful flowers... a stronger aroma... and maximum potency.
  • Next, they wanted to enhance your plants' abilities to get the maximum absorption of these nutrients because having the highest quality ingredients without ensuring your plants can fully absorb them is worthless. The scientists discovered that most growers aren't seeing bigger yields with other fertilizers because their plants aren't able to effectively absorb the nutrients being used.
  • These co-factors include amino acids and amino acid precursors essential to protein formation which promote cellular metabolism, replication and other bloom processes. In addition, other proprietary co-factors create enhanced changes in how plants carry out bloom phase functions
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Brand Advanced Nutrients