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Bloom Humate

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Bloom Humate Description

Bloom is a high-end brand of liquid plant nutrition from Agricultural Organics. For over 25 years Agricultural Organics has been a leading manufacturer of the agricultural and indoor gardening industries. Their products are made of naturally sourced materials and deliver excellent results from hobbyists to professional growers.

Bloom Humate provides a concentrated dose of Humic acid for your grow. Humic acid acts as a turbo-booster for your base feed and additives by massively accelerating the absorption of nutrients in the root zone.

What Bloom Humate Does

Bloom Humate’s super concentrate primarily delivers the benefits of a heightened humic acid uptake. The absorption of nutrients present in the base nutrient will be heightened. This means that plants will be strengthened against pests as well as environmental stresses and their overall strength and vigor will be improved.

How Bloom Humate Works

Bloom Humate is a potent organic formula designed to improve both the growth and health of your plants. The formula is a source for micro-organisms, that promote the uptake of carbon and its multiplication within the grow medium providing a healthy environment for the plant. The combination of potassium fulvic acid and humic acid enhances macro and micronutrient availability. This ensures that the plants thrive and development is at its optimum.

How to Use Bloom Humate

Use Bloom Humate right through the growing cycle, up until the final flush. Mix it into your existing nutrient solution. Suitable for all growing mediums. Apply at the appropriate dosage per litre of water as recommended.

Bloom Humate Key Features

  • 20% humic acid supplement
  • Increases the plants' ability to absorb nutrients
  • Excellent fuel source for beneficial microorganisms
  • Boosts the availability of nutrients
  • Improves soil structures
  • Suitable for any growing medium
  • Very concentrated
  • Boosts your existing nutrients and additives
  • Promotes improved plant health and vigour
  • Strengthens plants against pests, diseases and environmental stresses
  • Easy to use

Bloom Humate Dosage

  • 5ml/L

Bloom Humate Available Sizes

  • 300ml
  • 1L
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