TrolMaster - Dual Condition Adaptor (DCC-1)

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TrolMaster - Dual Condition Adaptor (DCC-1)

The TrolMaster DCC-1 provides a simple solution to control a single device, with more than one condition. For example, people like to turn on their exhaust fans when either temp or humidity is too high; shut off CO2 when turn on exhaust fans. There are many other examples where two conditions can be either combined or split.

The DCC-1 is designed to be used in combination with one of TrolMaster’s plug-in style module. (DSC-1, DSH-1/2, DST-1/2 and DSP-1).

Once connected to the plug-in module using the RJ12 cable built-into the DCC-1, the DCC-1 will act in concert with that plug-in module to control whatever device is connected to the plug-in module.

Examples from above for interlock OFF would be:

Turn on an exhaust fan to reduce temp or humidity.
Turn on an exhaust fan at night using a recycling timer OR when Humidity is too high
INTERLOCK ON: When the DCC-1 Interlock is selected to be on, BOTH conditions that are associated with that pair of modules that are being used together must be activated TOGETHER in order for the device to be activated. (modules used in “series”)

Examples from above for interlock ON would be:

Shut off a CO2 device when an exhaust fan is running
Shut off lights if the temperature gets too warm within the area.


  • LED indicator
  • Plug & Play


  • 1x DCC-1
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