SMSCOM 12Amp Mechanical Controller

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Twin Fan Controller 12A - NO hum or buzzing

  • The Mechanical controller ensures accurate climate control 
  • Simple and automatic
  • Controls the inlet and exhaust air flow in your grow room
  • Maintains a constant room temperature and pressure 
  • For optimal operation of the mechanical controller we advise to use exhaust and inlet fans as follows: half the exhaust capacity equals the inlet capacity;
eg:  total cubage +/- 7.500 m3
                inlet fan = 2.500 m3
                outlet fan = 5.000 m3
  • Inlet and exhaust fans can be connected to whatever socket. The mechanical controller determines the correct settings: under or overpressure are of the past provided the correct ratio of the fans as explained above. 
  • The thermostat is already connected and ready for use. 
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