Rootit Heat Mat Thermostat

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Rootit Heat Mat Thermostat

The ROOT!T Heat Mat Thermostat helps maintain the optimum rooting temperature for faster seedling and cutting growth.  It does so by allowing you greater control over your growing environment, by monitoring the temperature and switching your heat mat on and off as required, within a pre-defined temperature range.
An easy to read digital display ensures that users are able to monitor temperatures and take action where required.

Using the Root!t Heat Mat Thermostat:

Position a suitably sized heat mat under your propagator. Plug the Root!t Electric Thermostat into the wall and plug your heatmat into the socket attached to the thermostat. Keep the Thermostat outside the propagator and away from moisture – NEVER submerge it in water. Place the probe inside the propagator, level with your plants. If you have a spare rooting plug among a tray of cuttings you can even bury the probe inside the rooting plug and place it in the tray. Next, you will need to choose the temperature setting for your propagator. Do this by holding the ‘set’ button for 3 seconds and using the ‘up’ and ‘down’ buttons to choose your desired level. If you wish to switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius, press and hold one of the ‘up’ and ‘down’ buttons. Holding ‘up’ will switch to Celcius and holding ‘down’ will switch to Fahrenheit – an LED will light up on-screen to distinguish between the two.

The power LED will light up whenever the heat-mat is in use. This LED will switch off once temperatures recorded by the probe have reached a level matching your chosen setting, indicating that power to the heat-mat has been turned off by the thermostat.  

1 x thermostat Unit with Plug, Plug Socket and Temperature Probe
1 x Multi- Language Instruction Booklet

Technical Specification:
Input 230V / 50Hz
Max Load 1000W / 4.3A
Temperature setting range  10°C / 50°F ~ 30°C / 86°F

More Information
Brand Rootit