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Aptus - Regulator

Nutrition Manager & Anti-Stress Plant Enhancer:

  • Regulator is a plant growth and flowering booster that aids processes and supports plant development
  • Regulator strengthens crops by regulating the absorption of nutrients and increasing dry matter content
  • The plant strengthening function of Regulator provides maximum protection for stressful situations such as insect- and fungal attacks, heat, water and salt stress. Thus, Regulator provides also in the warm conditions a good protection against heat stress
  • Crop with temperatures reaching 40 degrees Celsius remains green
  • Transpiration is reduced up to 30%
  • Regulates plant water management capacities, lowering the usage of water
  • Strengthens leafs and leaf position
  • Regulator improves plant defence reactions against pests and diseases.
  • Weaker plants have been proven to be much more susceptible to pests and diseases than stronger plants.


  • Strengthens plant and protects during periods of stress
  • Protects against heat stress
  • Prevents problems with pests and diseases
  • Improves uptake of nutrients
  • Increases dry material ratio
  • Makes plants more compact with shorter internodes distance
  • Makes leaves stronger and greener
  • Increases thickness of the stem

Tips & Tricks:

  • Always mix Regulator in a tank full of clean water before mixing other fertilizers
  • Boosters or crop protection products
  • Regulator makes plant more compact. If plants grow too high, a higher dosage of Regulator slows down plant’s growth in length
  • When using Regulator, plants can better resist higher temperatures. Up to 40° degrees Celsius plants remain green
  • Regulator increases dry material ratio. This gives an extra advantage during the drying process


  • Regulator consists of a mixture of bio-available trace elements with the main component being Silica
  • Regulator contains a protected formula of stabilized silicic acid, the bio-available part of Silica (Si) that provides a hardening of the cell wall resulting in thicker stems, stronger leaves and an overall stronger plant
  • The plant creates more fibers which results in more dry matter
  • Silicic acid regulates the uptake of important nutrients such as nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K)
More Information
Brand Aptus
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