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Time-R Digital Timer

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Time-R Digital Timer Description

This easy to set up and use, plug-and-play timer offers the highest control over your grow. The Time-R Digital Timer is equipped to offer bespoke timing cycles over a 24-hour period for a range of your growing needs. This is a hyper-accurate device compatible with just about any electrical equipment able to combine and repeat cycles of your choosing.

What Time-R Digital Timer Is Used For

The compatibility of the Time-R Digital Timer means it can work with almost any electrical growing item. Be it a water pump, a humidifier, a far or just gold old-fashioned lighting – this timer can set your growing equipment up with close to perfect accuracy.

How To Use Time-R Digital Timer

To set the Clock
Press CLOCK for 3 seconds till the numbers on the display flash. Then use the centre Direction Pad to set the time. Press CONFIRM to start the clock.

12/24-hour setting
AM/PM will be indicated on the screen. Press CONFIRM plus the UP arrow to change between 24-hour and 12-hour settings.

Timed Mode
Pres MODE, scroll to TIMED. Use the Direction Pad to input Start and End Time. Press CONFIRM when finished. Alternatively, you can press the RIGHT arrow to set another separate time. Can set up to 15 groups in a day.

Repeat Mode
Press MODE, scroll to repeat. Input repeat cycle with the direction pad. Press CONFIRM.

Combined Mode
Press MODE scroll to COMBINED. Input time cycle. Press RIGHT Arrow to Group 1 Repeat Cycle. Press CONFIRM to finish OR press RIGHT to continue.

Time-R Digital Timer Key Features

  • 3 different modes for setting and managing timings of equipment
  • Set on and off times – up to 15 times per day
  • Button beep option
  • Ultra-precise times and duration can be set
  • Applicable to grow lights, water pumps and CO² regulators
  • Simple to program, supplied instructions
  • Suitable for most grow room devices (13amp current rating)
  • LCD screen that won’t disrupt plants
  • Both are 12-hour or 24-hour options
  • Non-fiddly buttons with a button sound on/off option
  • Storage for your settings with a built-in rechargeable battery
  • 30amp heavy-duty relay
  • 3-prong plug input

Time-R Digital Timer Specification

The Time-R Digital Timer stands apart from other digital timers for its remarkable accuracy. This product can set timings to exact seconds which rarely other timers on the market can do. The Timer-R Digital Timer timed, repeat and combined modes are recordable and reusable for multiple uses across a grow. For example, should a pump or fan need to run at night the Time-R can be programmed to cover this. More delicate matters like CO2 dispersal can also be timed to the second with the Time-R available settings. The Combined Mode in particular offers to-the-second control over equipment use multiple times across a single day. 

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