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Plagron Hydro Roots

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Plagron Hydro Roots 250ml
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Plagron Hydro Roots Description

Plagron is a leading global supplier and producer of revered substrates, additives, fertilisers and germination products. 

Plagron Hydro Roots is a menral root strengthener catering for hydroponic systems. This formula contains a powerful dosage of both born and phosphorus. Root development and architecture is enhanced along with nutrient uptake to improve the overall plant vitality.

What Plagron Hydro Roots Does

Plagron Hydro Roots primarily develops both root growth and their formation. This enlarges root branches and thickens the hairs on roots. A more robust root system improves plant growth and increase both the uptake of nutrients and water.

How Plagron Hydro Roots Works

Plagron Hydro Roots gives a highly concentrate amount of phosphorus and boron, both powerful elements in root development. Phosphorus is able to synthesize nucleic acids which develop new tissues and aid cell division. It also works the proliferation of root cells, vital to establishing a powerful and extensive root system. Phosphorus is key in adenosine triphosphate a critical agent in carrying energy in cells. Boron plays a significant role in cell wall structure and function. It achieves this through cross linking pectic polysaccharides. This aids cell wall integrity which has a major effect in developing healthy, strong and steadily dividing root tips.

How To Use Plagron Hydro Roots

Shake well before use. Use with every watering until fourth week of flowering. This product requires storing in temperatures between 0 – 35 degrees C.

Plagron Hydro Roots Key Features

  • Promotes root growth and formation
  • Increase uptake of nutrients and water
  • Root strengthener
  • Potassium: 20.47%
  • Boron: 0.23%

Plagron Hydro Roots Dosage

  • 1ml/1L

Plagron Hydro Roots Available Sizes

  • 250ml
  • 1L
  • 5L
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