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Growth Technology

pH Probe Cleaner 300ml

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pH Probe Cleaner 300ml Description

This pH Probe Cleaner from Growth Technology is an ideal solution for cleaning pH probes, removing salt deposits from nutrients and other accumulations. PH meters need some care and attention. A little effort will keep a meter in good shape, ensuring accuracy and extending the meter’s useful life.

What pH Probe Cleaner 300ml Does

Taking care of your pH meter is very important if you want to get accurate readings. They are precision instruments and accumulations of salts and dirt will be detrimental to their life span. PH Probe Cleaner is the ideal product for keeping delicate probes clean. It is a mild enough detergent to not damage while still being an effective cleaner. If you are using a pH meter, this will remove deposits of any kind you may have which keeps giving accurate readings. To use pH Probe Cleaner, pour a little into a container and place the end of the meter in it.

How pH Probe Cleaner 300ml Works

pH Probe Cleaner 300ml works as a cleaning solution comprising diluted hydrochloric acid. Standing your pH meter probes in the solution overnight is able to remove salts, dirt and debris.

How To Use pH Probe Cleaner 300ml

Keeping your pH meter probes clean is essential to make sure that you get accurate readings and to maintain the lifespan of your meter. Use Growth Technology's pH probe cleaner regularly. Shake the bottle well before use. Use a small container that is wide enough to fit the end of your pH meter into. Pour enough pH probe cleaner into the container to fully cover the electrode. Stand the probe end of the meter in the solution for several hours or overnight. Afterwards, rinse off the probe with clean water and discard the used cleaning solution.

pH Probe Cleaner 300ml Key Features

  • Cleans dirt, debris and salt off your pH meter probes
  • Helps to ensure accurate readings
  • Maintains pH probe lifespan
  • Easy to use – simply soak electrodes overnight
  • Can be used with virtually any brand of pH meter
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