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Mist Maker 3 Humidifier

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Mist Maker 3 Humidifier
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Mist Maker 3 Humidifier Description

This powerful and compact device is able to make water vapour through ultrasonic vibration. This makes for an amazing correction of air humidity. The Mist Maker 3 is a cool running unit and can provide 100% humidity.

What Mist Maker 3 Humidifier Does

Mist Makers are able to maintain the ideal environmental conditions for seedlings and cuttings as well as the overall growth of plants through the vegetative stage.

How Mist Maker 3 Humidifier Works

The Mist Maker plugs directly into the electrical plug socket and demands no wiring. This unit is cool running unlike the majority of humidifiers on the market. Its special coated ceramic disks can last up to 2000 hours before needing replacement. It only requires placing in a tank or bucket. Once placed in the centre of a grow room or propagator, the vapour produced works to deliver a uniform and consistent nutrient uptake to the grow.

Mist Maker 3 Humidifier Functionality

Place your Mist Maker in the centre of your grow room. Once placed in a bucket or tank, with your water level reaching just above the ceramic plates in your mist maker always ensure the water level remains topped up. A float valve is only advisable as it will ensure your tank doesn’t need topping up often. If the water level drops too low, the Mist Maker will switch off automatically. When used in conjunction with a circulation fan, the mist distribution can be bettered for the grow room. Timers are also advisable when using this product. The ceramic discs within the Mist Maker should be wiped down periodically to keep them from contamination.

Mist Maker 3 Humidifier Key Features

  • Raises humidity in your grow space
  • Will automatically turn off when the water level is too low
  • The ceramic discs have a lifespan of approximately 2000 working hours
  • Your Mist Maker can be left to run 24/7

Mist Maker 3 Humidifier Specification

  • 1200ml/hr
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Mist Maker 3 Humidifier