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Bloom Silica Description

Bloom is a high-end brand of liquid plant nutrition from Agricultural Organics. For over 25 years Agricultural Organics has been a leading manufacturer of the agricultural and indoor gardening industries. Their products are made of naturally sourced materials and deliver excellent results from hobbyists to professional growers.

Bloom Silica is a powerfully concentrated potassium silicate additive. This formula adds vital silica to your grow making for stronger and more fortified plants, and producing greater yields.

What Bloom Silica Does

Bloom Silica provides plants silica which ultimately strengthens the plant in several ways. Stems and branches are more solid and sturdier. This means that the plant can bear and support heavier fruits. It has stronger cell walls to resist and stave off pests and the over-uptake of nutrients is bolstered.

How Bloom Silica Works

Bloom Silica offers plants soluble silica a substance that naturally occurs in soil. Silica functions by strengthening cell walls and in turn make plants more resistant to pathogens and pests. Bloom Silica also works to form healthy roots which aid nutrient uptake and CO2 absorption. On top of this silica is a powerful agent against water loss through leaves, this makes the plant less prone to wilting.

How to Use Bloom Silica

Bloom Silica is usable throughout the entirety of the plant's life cycle. It is compatible with all base nutrients. It can be used in any growing medium or method, both indoors and outdoors. Use until one week before the harvest. Apply at the appropriate dosage per litre of water as recommended.

Bloom Silica Key Features

  • Highly concentrated 53.2% potassium silicate
  • This product is 50% stronger than other brands of silica
  • Fortifies cells for an all-round stronger plant
  • Branches can support heavier fruits
  • Protects plants against fungal infection
  • Strengthens cell walls against pests
  • Helps plants to preserve water
  • Increases nutrient uptake and absorption of CO2
  • Also works for raising the pH of nutrient solution

Bloom Silica Dosage

  • Soil and Recirculating Systems: 0.5ml/L
  • Run to Waste: 0.33ml/L

Bloom Silica Available Sizes

  • 250ml
  • 1L