Orchid Focus Bloom 300ml

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Orchid Focus Bloom - 300ml

  • Orchids have very specific nutritional requirements 
  • Orchids should not be fed with general purpose plant ‘foods’ for many reasons
  • Most importantly the nitrogen supply in the mass market product will usually contain significant levels of ammonia and urea
  • Urea in particular can become toxic very quickly in orchid growing media and is best avoided for that reason
  • Orchid Focus is completely free of urea
  • Orchid Focus is manufactured from the purest and most soluble mineral salts
  • It is precisely formulated for the needs of orchids – contains no urea
  • It is non-toxic and poses no environmental hazards
  • Orchid Focus is an ideal feeding programme for orchids
  • It can help produce healthier, more vigorous plants and brighter, longer lasting flowers
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Brand Growth Technology