ONA Spray 250ml

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ONA Spray

ONA Spray 250ml Description

ONA Spray 250ml is a spray bottle loaded with ONA odour neutraliser. This neutraliser is ideal for a home full of active pets, an overly fragrant garbage area or just a home or office you wish to smell fresh and clean.

What ONA Spray 250ml Is Used For

ONA Spray 250ml is used for tackling household odour problems. This is a neutraliser meaning it does a lot more than simply scent the air, it is a specially designed formula for destroying odorous molecules.

How ONA Spray 250ml Works

ONA Spray 250ml works by dispersing ONA particles into the air which come into contact with odorous molecules. ONA Spray is able to render them null and inert not only removing the odour from the air but leaving a fresh scent in its place.

How To Use ONA Spray 250ml Liquid

ONA Spray is easy to use. Simply spray in the area where there are unwanted odours.   

ONA Spray 250ml Key Features

  • Organic
  • Non Toxic
  • Bio-gradable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Safe to use around people, pets and plants