Halo 2.5g Sachets x 5

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Brand Hyjo

Halo - 2.5g Sachets x 5

  • Stimulates photosynthesis by over 25%
  • Increases yield and fruit quality
  • Improves nutrient uptake

HALO heralds a new technology in plant stimulants and health!

  • HALO is the first product of an entirely new class of plant growth additives utilising the Harpin Alpha Beta protein powerful new plant technology
  • Foliar applied or used as a seed or tuba pre-treatment
  • Unique natural protein leads the plant to believe it is under attack, this ‘tricks’ the plant and naturally forces the plant to ‘defend itself’ turning on stress-defence and growth systems and reproducing very rapidly
  • If a plant ‘believes’ it is under attack, it will grow and reproduce at rapid rates as a means of ensuring it’s survival
  • This results in a healthier and more productive plant with an increase in crop vigor, stamina, nutrient uptake and reproductive growth (depending on time of application)
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Brand Hyjo