Green Power 8 Way Professional Contactor

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Brand Green Power
  • Green Power units are the absolute premium range of contactors and relays in the industry
  • They use world renowned Grasslin Timers
  • The absorb electrical power surges everytime your lights fire up protecting your timer
  • Power surges could otherwise would cause damage  and potentially hazardous
  • Damage to relays could cause them to fuse together, leaving your lights on permanantly which could cause your crop serious stress and potentially ruining the flowering cycle i.e. females turning into males (yes its common!)

Professional Units – Which are contactor driven and will handle larger amounts of power and multiple HID lighting units, these units use two UK plug sockets to drive them

  • 8 Way - For 8 light grow rooms, Two UK Plug sockets needed
Ballast wattage  
Aux Max Load
8 8 8 4  0 26 Amps ( 13 A per side)

More Information
Brand Green Power